Trading Up Will Be Expensive In The Future

Lately I’ve talked with a few bankers and mortgage brokers here in Branson, Mo and we’ve come to a basic conclusion: buyers should purchase as much house as they can afford now because when interest rates rise from their current all time lows the difference in payments for the same size home will be staggering. Since we’ve basically had falling interest rates for the last 25-30 years, most prospective homebuyers have probably not stopped to think of the paradigm shift we are about to witness. If interest rates get to 10% in the next handful of years and the home you are selling was financed at 5%, you will not even be able to get close to the same price home for the same monthly payment, and likely won’t get in the home with as little as is required for down payment in many situations currently. So if you think you will “trade up” in the next few years, you may want to evaluate your current options and decide what fits your particular situation the best.

Now please don’t take this little note as a “sky is falling” warning — it is certainly not intended to be construed that way. I just wanted to give a little example of the foresight and thought I put into my job and what I bring to the table. I won’t just show you a home, I will advise you about all facets of the transaction — so feel free to call me at (417) 337 – 1627 if you have questions about buying or selling real estate in Branson or on Table Rock Lake.

Siena at Branson Hills Is Shaping Up Nicely

While I was out and about on Sunday, I toured Siena at Branson Hills for the second time.  A lot of progress has been made and the development is really coming together.  The roads are in and a handful of models are nearing completion.  List prices start in the mid $300,000s, which seems reasonable for an active adult community that sits right in the middle of the newest master planned community in the area, Branson Hills.

The thing I like best about Branson Hills is the fact that it is  nearly all completed.  I know this might sound strange to out-of-area buyers, but so many developers promise the moon and the sky and simply don’t deliver.  With the Villas already complete, the RecPlex already open,  Eagle Bunker Condos finished, and the $30 million Payne Stewart Golf Club ready for play it is obvious that the developers of Branson Hills know how to plan, design, and complete large scale communities.

So if you are in the market for a low maintenance home in the newest area of Branson, with common sense protective covenants and a great architectural look, Siena at Branson Hills might just be the place for you!  Follow the link ( Branson Mo Homes for Sale — Siena at Branson Hills ) to one of home listings in Siena.

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Though It Sounds Silly, Knock Before You Buy

Sometimes my clients look at me funny when, before they are about to make an offer on a house, I tell them to go knock on the neighbor’s doors and take a minute or two to get to know them. I advise them to do this, because like it or not, there is more to real estate than comps, days on market, interest rates, etc. There is also a HUMAN element to buying a home.

Most of you can probably relate to my reasoning as you have an ornery neighbor or two. Maybe the person’s door you knock on will give you an inside look at the neighborhood: does the guy across the street have really lake, loud parties every night of the week? Do he park a huge eyesore of a boat in his driveway in the warmer months? Does he seemingly forget to cut his grass for weeks at a time? These are real issues, ones that you can’t find the answer or even know to look for if you just go off first impressions. Just my two cents…especially when buying homes in Branson, Mo.