Though It Sounds Silly, Knock Before You Buy

Sometimes my clients look at me funny when, before they are about to make an offer on a house, I tell them to go knock on the neighbor’s doors and take a minute or two to get to know them. I advise them to do this, because like it or not, there is more to real estate than comps, days on market, interest rates, etc. There is also a HUMAN element to buying a home.

Most of you can probably relate to my reasoning as you have an ornery neighbor or two. Maybe the person’s door you knock on will give you an inside look at the neighborhood: does the guy across the street have really lake, loud parties every night of the week? Do he park a huge eyesore of a boat in his driveway in the warmer months? Does he seemingly forget to cut his grass for weeks at a time? These are real issues, ones that you can’t find the answer or even know to look for if you just go off first impressions. Just my two cents…especially when buying homes in Branson, Mo.