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Eight Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent

1. Get the most bang for you buck.
Simply put, a good buyer’s agent will help you identify a nice house for the money, help negotiate often overlooked inspection and closing costs, identify potential repairs that may serve as negotiation points, and generally help you make sure your cost basis in a home is an amount that you can hope to sell for in the future.

2. Buyer’s representation does not cost you a penny — and it gets you a person who represents your interests, and your interests alone. 
Whether you use a buyer’s agent or not, commissions remain the same for the agents involved. You may as well take advantage of this fact and have a professional on your side that cares only about getting you the best deal possible.

3. Buying a home is likely the most complex purchase you will ever make, and a good buyer’s agent will skillfully guide you through the process.
Due to the nature of real estate, all homes are all unique and are purchased under differing circumstances.   Unlike a mutual fund, a refrigerator, or a new car, considerably more information must be gathered before making a purchase.

4. Information.  Information.  Information. 
Having a professional who knows what to look for and what to avoid while looking at homes (not to mention prepare CMAs, help arrange and understand financing, set up escrow, liaison with home inspectors, and otherwise act as your fiduciary during the process) is worth every penny, especially when they are pennies coming out of the seller’s pocket.

5. Help keep your emotions in check.
Buying a home is not just about numbers and comparable list.  Buying a new home is a stressful and often times emotional ordeal, and a good buyer’s agent will help keep you level headed during this hectic time so that you can still make a sound, rational purchase decision and ultimately purchase the home of your dreams.

6.  Lining up the closing and all that goes with it can be complex and frustrating; a buyer’s agent will help keep the selling agent on the ball so that the closing happens as scheduled.
In addition, since closing costs are completely negotiable, an agent who represents both the buyer and the seller will have a harder time negotiating on your behalf for the other party to shoulder more of the costs.  This could cost you a significant amount of money.

7. Negotiating a home purchase is a song-and-dance that most people do only a few times in their lives — having a second opinion and an “out” in negotiations is critical to getting the best price. 
It is the role of a good buyer’s agent to feel out the selling agent to see where the negotiations might go, and what number is appropriate to offer when making an offer.  This means you may potentially get a better deal by hiring a buyer’s agent than if the selling agent gets to control both sides of the negotiation.

8. Legal protection.
A competent buyer’s agent will make sure that your interests are protected legally if things don”t go according to plan in your real estate transaction.  You need to make sure that if you make an offer and things don”t work out because of contingencies like a failed home inspection or lack of financing that you can get your earnest money back and void the purchase agreement.

What you Get When you Hire Me As Your Buyer’s Agent

When you hire me as your buyer’s agent, you are getting nearly 20 years of experience in transacting Branson / Tri – Lakes real estate.  I know the local market very well and pride myself on getting my client’s the best home for their budget.  Below are the top 5 reasons why you should consider using me a buyer’s agent:

1. I know stuff about homes that might not be common knowledge — I’ve been selling real estate for a long, long time and have experience under my belt .

Wanna know who built the house you are about to commit 30 years of payments to?  I know with a lot of homes off hand, and can find out very quickly if I don’t.  This may not sound like a big deal, but in an area that didn’t adopt basic building codes until 1995, you better make sure you know who built the house you are buying.

2. I voice my opinion about each home you are considering buying.

I strive to inform my clients of the good, as well as the bad about each property. Take a client of mine from a few years back — they had found the perfect home.  It was new, spacious, and below market value; truly a great house.  Only one problem though: hidden from view about 100 yards from the property were some train tracks.  Would they have noticed the track before closing? Possibly.  Did I?  ABSOLUTELY.

If I would have been unaware of this little “detail”, my clients would have been in for one heck of a surprise their first night in the home, had they decided to purchase it, as a train comes blazing by the house every night at 2 am. Moral of the story — I do not SELL you a home, I advise you on which homes are likely to fit your needs and lifestyle, give you detailed peripheral information regarding each home, and ultimately empower you to make the best decision possible.

3. Let’s take the information thing a step further — it’s that important.

I let you know as much as possible about the home you are considering buying.  For instance, if you are buying a condo you might have basic information like how much the association dues are and what they cover. Meanwhile, I will give you this info, compare it to other developments in the area (as this directly effects the future marketability of the property), and tell you if there have been recent special assessments — which will give you a good indicator of the health of the condo association and a good idea if there may be more “unexpected” assessments to come.  This may sound like overkill, but every bit of information is critical when evaluating homes.  As a bonus, any negative information that is uncovered works great as a negotiating tool if you decide the problem is not serious enough to prevent the purchase.

4. Not only do I know the Branson real estate market, but I am well-versed in the financial aspects of transacting real estate.

From today’s rates to buying down points, I know the details of the mortgage game and how to get you the best loan to fit your needs.  While I am not a mortgage broker (that would be a major conflict of interest), I certainly know my fair share about how home financing works and will liaison with banks and brokers on your behalf to make sure you are getting a competitive loan.

5. I LOVE what I do.

I talk with enthusiasm about Branson real estate, because I enjoy nearly everything about it.  I do last-minute showings and work on weekends because doing so is not a hassle, but a joy and a challenge.  I don”t mind taking a few hours and “talking shop” with you about the area and purchasing real estate here because I get great satisfaction from helping people navigate the market to find their perfect home.  Buyers deserve someone who is knowledgeable, honest, and has their needs at heart — this is what I bring to the table as your buyer’s agent.  Now let me prove it. Call me at (417) 337 – 1627 to put my knowledge and skills to work for you as a buyer’s agent.