9 Tips To Ready Your Home For Sale

When selling a home in a “buyer’s market”, you need your home to stand out. Since Branson is a very competitive market, the following 9 low-cost tips will help your home stand out:

1. Buy a new doormat
2. Put a fresh coating on your driveway (assuming its asphalt)
3. Clean your gutters
4. Edge the grass around your sidewalk and driveway
5. Put new doorknobs on your doors
6. Make sure toys and nicknacks are put away
7. Buy a new mailbox
8. Steam clean carpet
9. Finish honey-do lists that have been put off

If you would like more tips on getting your home ready for sale, give me a call at 417.337.1627 and we can discuss how to get top dollar for your home in a challenging market.

Branson, Missouri: A Two-Tiered Housing Market

A theme I have been seeing for the past few months is still going strong: Branson has a two tiered real estate market. Affordable homes for sale near Branson, Missouri (under $150,000) have been selling relatively well considering overall economic conditions, while homes over this mark have been selling at a much more sluggish pace. I would go as far as saying that it is a seller’s market under $150,000 (especially under $125,000), as renters with steady jobs and good credit can buy a home near Branson or Hollister for less than they currently pay in rent — taxes and insurance included. If you are in the market for a home in this price range, give me a call at 417.337.1627 and we can talk about what’s currently on the market here in Branson, Missouri.

Supply of Homes For Sale in Branson, Mo Under $135K Dwindles

Though the first time home buyer’s tax credit was extended until April 30, 2010, buyers in Branson, Missouri have been scooping up homes under $135,000 at a voracious pace. In the past few weeks I have seen multiple homes for sale in Branson have 2,3 and 4 offers at once. Builders stopped building in 2008 and the overhang inventory was largely soaked up in 2009 (specifically in this price range, not in the overall market). As 2010 gets underway, the homes for sale in Branson or Hollister are in high demand and short supply. If you are considering purchasing a home before the tax credit deadline, I suggest you do it soon. It has become a seller’s market in this price range.  Call 417.337.1627 if you would like buyer’s agency representation when purchasing one of the available homes in the area.

Taneycomo Condos At Great Prices

At the end of December 2009, a condo project on Lake Taneycomo was foreclosed on. It is a beautiful development and the prices are VERY attractive, well under $200,000 for brand new condos. Don’t want to say a whole lot about them right this instant, other than that if you are interested in purchasing a condo or second home on Taneycomo these condos should be on the top of your list. Give me a call at (417) 337 – 1627 for more details.

Two Branson Landing Condos Sell

Promenade View at the Branson LandingI was just talking with a friend of mine who keeps a pretty close eye on sales at the Branson Landing, and apparently a side-by-side pair of condos sold recently. Though I still need to find out the exact price, it was over $500,000 as reported by my source. This bodes well for condos in the area and may spark more sales. At this point with banks being so reluctant to lend, the buyers likely paid cash — as buyers are currently being asked to come to closing with 20% – 30% down. I’ll repost again when I have more details to share.

Know the Association Before Purchasing a Condo in Branson, Missouri

Though this post is applicable to condos in Branson, it is really applicable to purchasing in any market with a strong presence of condos. Since buying a condo amounts to actually buying a pro rata interest in the maintenance of the entire property association, buyers need to be acutely aware of the health of the aforementioned association. Look over the condo docs and current bank balances to get a good idea, then ask some of the neighbors (or your Realtor!) to get an even better idea of how the property is run. Also, how do the dues compare to other similar properties around the area? — this will affect the marketability of the property in the future. In short, do your homework before encumbering yourself with a share of maintenance of the buildings and common elements.

Emerald Point on Table Rock Lake Shows Construction Starts

I was out at Emerald Point yesterday showing one of my listings and noticed a few new homes being built in Emerald Point; I think four to be exact. For those of you who know Emerald Point, it is a great upscale gated lakefront community that has sweeping views of Table Rock Lake and is only 10 minutes south of Branson.

Anyhow, I was rather excited to see builders going forward and starting to build again. I think this says something about the area and where we are relative to the larger US markets — that our supply -demand fundamentals here in the Branson area never really got that far out of whack.

We have 7 million + visitors per year, of which many consider retiring to the area. Since we only have in the 35,000 person range as a population to begin with here in Taney County, we can’t help but grow even if only 1/2 of 1/2 of 1/2 a percent of our visitors decide to stay. That’s one reason I’m optimistic (but still realistic!) on the future of real estate in Branson, Mo.

Auction at Courthouse Steps Nets Good Deal

Just thumbing through some sales recently and found that there was a condo unit at The Vineyards Condominiums that sold for $30,001 at auction on the courthouse steps. The asking price of these units recently was as high as $100,000. I don’t care how bad the economy gets, deals like this are once in a lifetime. The replacement value is much higher than this, and few if any other units are being built in the area. When supply and demand fundamentals catch up with the inventory of condos in the area, the investor who bought this condo should have a tidy little profit to cash in on. It may take 3-5 years of waiting, but if you can rent it out and have positive cash flow in the mean time that’s not such a bad wait!

Though It Sounds Silly, Knock Before You Buy

Sometimes my clients look at me funny when, before they are about to make an offer on a house, I tell them to go knock on the neighbor’s doors and take a minute or two to get to know them. I advise them to do this, because like it or not, there is more to real estate than comps, days on market, interest rates, etc. There is also a HUMAN element to buying a home.

Most of you can probably relate to my reasoning as you have an ornery neighbor or two. Maybe the person’s door you knock on will give you an inside look at the neighborhood: does the guy across the street have really lake, loud parties every night of the week? Do he park a huge eyesore of a boat in his driveway in the warmer months? Does he seemingly forget to cut his grass for weeks at a time? These are real issues, ones that you can’t find the answer or even know to look for if you just go off first impressions. Just my two cents…especially when buying homes in Branson, Mo.

Table Rock Lake Condo Inventory Still High (and Growing)

As I’ve posted before, the Table Rock Lake condo market is currently oversupplied and the fundamentals are not improving with the announcement of new units ready to hit the market in the coming months of early 2010. I read yesterday in the Springfield business journal that Point 7 (across the Kimberling bridge on Point 7 road), which is half sold out of their first 20 unit building, has started on another 24 unit building to be finished in the new year. Closer to Branson on Indian Point, Treehouse Condos are nearing completion on their newest building, a 30 unit structure billed as being very energy efficient. The units will have a spectacular view at Treehouse, but will anyone buy them?

While one would think this supply would work in tandem with the lack of demand to pull prices down significantly, that has not necessarily been true heretofore during this time of economic difficulty. I don’t know if it is because of financially strong builders or the unwillingness of sellers to take a loss, but something will have to give sooner or later.

Especially when compared to harder hit sun belt markets like South Florida or Phoenix, the deals really aren’t all that great yet. Resets of 20% or so in this climate are not exactly steals, and I haven’t heard of many transactions that would change my opinion. In fact, the churn in the Table Rock Lake real estate market in general, and in the Table Rock Lake condo market more specifically has been meager. Just not that much inventory is selling. Maybe 2010 will bring change, or provide a better entry point for those who’ve always wanted a lake place but had been priced out of the market.